Maestro Ricardo Amaringo introduces himself, the center and the medicine.

The Shipibo Family

We are a traditional shaman shipibo family.


Ricardo Maestro Shaman

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Master shaman and leader of Nihue Rao, 40 years of shamanic experience with ayahuasca and master medicinal diets.

Miguel Shaman

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Shaman and primary assistant to maestro Ricardo Amaringo, step-father.

Felacio Shaman

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Shaman at Nihue Rao, Miguel´s son and brother-in-law of Ricardo.

Francisico Shaman

Shaman, Ricardo's friend.


Oracio Shaman

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Shaman and Maestro Ricardo's friend.

Oscar Shaman

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Ricardo's friend.

Olinda Shaman

Ricardo's friend.

Julian Shaman

Olinda's husband.

International Staff

We are a very welcoming team!


Benoît Manager

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10 years of experience, 2 years isolated diet, 1000 ceremonies. Spoken languages: English, French, and Spanish.

Paul Facilitator

Facilitator, Spoken languages: English and Spanish.

Amber Facilitator

Facilitator. Spoken languages: English.

Sergio Facilitator

Facilitator, Ricardo's nephew. Spoken languages: Shipibo and Spanish.

International Consultants

Our international experts.


Joe Medical consultant

Co-founder of Nihue Rao, medical and integrative medicine consultant. Ten years of experience, writer, and Western medicine graduate.

Cvita Integration consultant

Co-founder of Nihue Rao and integrative medicine consultant, 7 years of experience, healer, artista and apprentice of Ricardo.

Martina Communication

Reservation Coordinator, Integrative Consultant, practices Somatic Experiencing, Apprentice of Ricardo and 7 years experience.

Markus Consultant

Contemporary artist and integrative medicine consultant, 7 years of experience, healer and apprentice of Ricardo.

The Co-Founders

Dr. Joe Tafur

Although he is no longer a business partner, Dr. Tafur continues to act as a remote medical consultant for Nihue Rao. Dr. Tafur has been working to bridge the world of academic medicine with traditional healing knowledge.

He has collected a number of integrative case studies from which he hopes to develop a dialogue between Western medicine and traditional Amazonian plant medicine. Dr. Tafur summarizes these experiences in his book, The Fellowship of the River: A Medical Doctor's Exploration into Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine. For more information about Dr. Tafur´s work, visit his website:

Cvita Mamic

Cvita Mamic is an artist and healer. She divides her time between Canada, Peru and Italy where she focuses her energies as a healer in the Shipibo tradition of shamanism. She is drawn to the potential that plants have to heal people within their spiritual, emotional and physical realms. Cvita deeply believes in offering a safe container for people to explore plant medicine for personal healing, learning and transformation.