Maestro Ricardo Amaringo introduces himself, the center and the medicine...

The Shipibo Family

We are a traditional shaman shipibo family.
Ricardo Amarigo

Ricardo Amaringo Maestro Shaman

Master shaman and leader of Nihue Rao, 40 years of shamanic experience with ayahuasca and master medicinal diets.

Miguel Shaman

Shaman and primary assistant to maestro Ricardo Amaringo, step-father.

Felacio Shaman

Shaman at Nihue Rao, Miguel´s son and brother-in-law of Ricardo.
Don Marcial

Don Marcial Shaman

Shaman and maestro Ricardo's friend.

Gilbert Ayahuasca tea cook

Ayahuasca brew cook, Miguel´s son and brother-in-law of Ricardo.

Roque Medicine preparation

Medicinal plant preparation specialist. Fivteen years of experience. Nurse graduate.

International Staff

We are a very welcoming team!
Benoit Allouche

Benoît Facilitator

Facilitator and ceremony asistant, 9 years of experience, Ricardo´s apprentice.

Alexandra Ceremonny asistant

Ceremony asistant, maestro Ricardo's apprentice.